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In it for the Long Haul: How to Keep a Corporate Sponsor Around for a Little While

Even the smallest local companies can Find Sponsors by searching valued and reputable directories. Keeping a sponsor for any kind of business relationship means understanding what sponsors are looking for. There are really three pieces to the puzzle of what a sponsor desires. Business leaders in any area need to strongly consider what is important to a potential sponsor to know what will keep them around.

1. The mission

When the sponsors are looking to keep a relationship, they want to know that the mission statement of the company is consistent with their own image and goal. Does the mission statement involve a general awareness about something important? Is a program aimed at the local level? The company will have no problem sponsoring an event if that event and the company behind it are promoting their mission.

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2. The industry

There needs to be a natural match within the industry. The partnership or business marriage should make cultural sense. A company that sells clothes to teenagers may want to sponsor a punk festival. A new healthy energy drink company may want to sponsor a marathon run. These are natural partnerships that have a pleasing and fitting brand.

3. The results

This last area is a bit harder to manually control when looking to Find Sponsors. The corporate sponsorship will continue as long as there are results. Of course, there are exceptions. But, the results can override an only acceptable match or an unfit mission. The results are the most important factor in a partnership because money talks and growth matters. A business relationship may continue if other things are going well. But, no sponsorship will continue for very long if the results are not there. Sometimes it may be up to the event holders to show that they can bring in results if they do not have a proven record of performance.

There are many ways to establish sponsorship. The first relationship between two companies is extremely important. But, continuing that relationship into a second or third date is arguably more important overall. It shows longevity with the brand and an aligned mission and goal. It also shows that the company is good to work with, which may attract other future sponsors. Corporate sponsors are also looking for new and healthy alternatives. It is very possible for a small brand to build a relationship with a larger company if they have the right answers and the right message.

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